SCI Football Festivals 2025

2024 SCI Football Festivals Terms & Conditions


1.1  Whilst we accept your booking in good faith it is ultimately SCI’s acceptance that will allow your booking.

1.2   The signing of the necessary booking form by your club representative will constitute a booking made by every individual in your group, & they are responsible for passing on & sharing all information from SCI with their party.

1.2.1  By completing and returning any Correspondence/Forms on the computer, will constitute a signature and acknowledgement and agreement to abide by para 1.2 above.

1.2.2  Any queries, complaints or issues arising from the booking or festival must come through the Group Leader or Club Secretary. SCI will not deal with complaints submitted by individuals within the party.

1.3  The representative signing the booking form must be over 21 years of age.

1.4  All reservations are accepted subject to the following conditions of SCI.

1.4.1   That all accommodation shall be used only by those individual persons listed on the SCI Group Accommodation Occupancy Forms.

1.4.2   That all guests are governed by the rules & conditions of all individual establishments involved in the provision of the event of which the booking is associated.

1.4.3   That the law with regard to the non-permitted consumption of alcohol by under 18’s is stringently adhered to.

1.4.4   That the use or dealing in any drug form, theft & other criminal acts, vandalism or violence will be dealt with immediately by the police & taken out of our hands.

1.4.5   That excessive noise is not allowed in the holiday centres or units of accommodation to the detriment of others.

1.4.6   There will be no football practice or ball games permitted in or about any holiday accommodation areas except on football pitches at the holiday centres.

1.4.7   Any damages, however caused, shall have to be paid for in full & shall be the responsibility of the group leader.

 Also see Para 14.1.

1.4.8  Barbecues are not permitted at the holiday centres; security will enforce this.

1.4.9   Day passes are not available on any holiday park during an SCI event. This is for the safety of everyone in the group, under the Child Protection Act.

1.4.10   Only persons staying on site in SCI accommodation will be permitted to play in the tournament & attend the Celebrity presentation evening. This will be by ticket only issued on arrival to the group organiser.

1.4.11   Local teams will be admitted to the presentation night at the discretion of SCI on payment of the relevant fee & will be by ticket only on a basis of 1 player & 1 adult.

1.4.12  By signing our booking form, & your acceptance of these terms & conditions, you are also agreeing that we may, if appropriate use any photographs taken by us or our representatives of individual players or team in any SCI publicity or advertising documentation, our website & our brochure unless previously declined in writing to.


2.1  By SCI Events Ltd:

2.1.1  Your attention is drawn to the standard terms & conditions SCI are governed by.

2.1.2  SCI reserve the right to withdraw at any time any feature as listed in our brochure.

2.1.3   Please note we do not offer any guarantees, & no financial adjustment is provided for under our standard terms & conditions in this regard.

2.2.1    In the unusual event that there are insufficient entries in an age group to go ahead with the event, SCI EVENTS will attempt to offer a suitable alternative for your team. If there is not an alternative option which is acceptable for your group, and you wish to cancel your booking, Team Registration Fee’s and any accommodation payments made by your group will be refunded in full. Whilst every effort will be made to complete all scheduled fixtures at the festival, SCI EVENTS cannot be held responsible for the curtailment of a festival due to adverse weather conditions or the decision of other teams to withdraw from the festival. In some instances if the uptake is low on a particular age group SCI may decide to put 2 age groups together to give all the teams and players in these age groups more football for the weekend. When signing up for the SCI festivals please do not enter your team in an age group above your own, as this may cause issues if SCI has reason to combine 2 age groups. If you are under 10s in season 2023/24 please enter the festivals as under 10s for example.

2.3  By the client(s):

2.3.1     In the event of any group or any member(s) of your group being unable to fulfil their holiday the SCI accommodation deposit & Registration fee(s) shall be forfeited.

2.3.2   If the entire party is unable to fulfil its participation in any of the events, the Registration fee & deposits etc, are likewise to be forfeited.

2.3.3   A cancellation after the payment of any final balance shall be linked & governed by the terms & conditions of our contract. Cancellation charges are calculated from the day SCI receive written instructions to cancel a booking. Please see below:-  Length of time before the start of the festival:
Cancellation charge 70 days or more, loss of Deposits, 
36 – 70 days 50% of total cost,
35 days or less 100% of total cost.
If your cancellation falls within the provisions of your own private travel insurance policy you may be able to make a claim.

2.3.4   If you have to cancel any part of your booking this should be notified to us in writing. The date of cancellation shall be deemed to be five days after the written notification is received thereby allowing us to discharge the cancellation in due form.

2.3.5 For all holiday parks' terms & conditions visit your local travel agent for a brochure or there own websites.

2.3.6  SCI reserves the right to cancel any booking in the 7 days after a deposit has been paid.

3.1   All payments should be forwarded to SCI, such that they arrive at least three working days before any specified deadline.

3.2   All payments are to be in the form of cheques, cash, bank transfer or debit cards.  All cheques are to be made payable to SCI Events Limited.

3.3  All team registration fees are to be made payable to SCI Events Ltd.

3.4  There is no surcharge for payments made by debit cards.

3.5  Any returned unpaid cheques will incur a £20 administration fee.

4.1   In accordance with “the package travel, package holidays & package tour regulations 1992” we are obliged to advise clients that all player Registration fees will be held in an account on your behalf until the conclusion of the said competition & until all financial obligations have been honoured.


5.1   All quoted tariffs are inclusive of VAT at the appropriate rate correct at the time of going to press. If however government duly change this rate you will be notified together with any adjustment to your account, which must be adhered to.


6.1   You are requested to alert us to any special requirements or disabilities within your group, at the time of booking.

6.2   Special modified units for the disabled are available - but these are limited -  although every effort will be made to meet with individual needs. Please state on your holiday booking form if there will be anybody in your party who have special individual needs. If there are any cases in your group please outline if the person(s) will be accompanied by a carer competent to attend their needs or not.


7.1   SCI strongly recommends that all teams and persons travelling to an SCI Youth Football Festival in 2023/24 take out the appropriate insurance to cover their group for any eventuality. SCI Football Festivals has Public Liability for all our events via SCI Events Limited. Please make sure your take out appropriate insurance for all members of your party.


8.1  All accommodation is self-catering unless stated & prices are per person per break.

8.2   Tariff relaxation is offered to 2 year old’s & under where the entire tariff is removed providing no bed is allocated to the child.

8.3   All our holiday park accommodation is based on a minimum of 4 people sharing, and is charged at a minimum of 4 fully paying persons, with the exception of Pakefield where this is based on a minimum of 2 person sharing.

8.4   Clients are advised that within a unit of accommodation exists one double bed, & this should be considered when allocating sleeping berths, e.g. for an all male party, it might be inappropriate to have six men/boys all together. Pakefield also includes Half-Board so breakfast and evening meal is included. Each apartment at Pakefield has a mini kitchenette (not a full on kitchen). Please see Pakefield website for details.

8.5   Every effort will be made to cluster accommodation so that an entire group are closely situated to each other within the holiday centres. However there will be circumstances that may prevent an ideal situation and we can no longer guarantee that you will be located together on resort. Please note SCI do not allocate the accommodation and we therefore have no control over the location of caravans on the holiday parks.

8.6   If your accommodation requests cannot be exactly met by SCI we will offer you the nearest available alternative. How SCI grades accommodation may differ from how the holiday park grades the units of accommodation. In addition we book your accommodation based on the parks allocations from 2023, once the 2024 season starts we receive an updated allocation of accommodation from each park and we may need to change your grade of accommodation due to changes within the fleet of accomodation at the said holiday park.


8.8  All free places will be placed against the lowest grade of accommodation booked by your party.

8.9    Caravans at Golden Palm Resort/Golden Anho & The Chase Holiday Parks - Skegness, may vary in age or standard and one Bronze, Silver or Gold Caravan may look different from one of the same grade as there are different makes and models of each grade of accommodation. We do not guarantee that any caravan at Skegness will be similar to the next one. Golden Palm Resort grades the caravans in to Bronze, Silver and Gold categories and they are sold as such. A new Gold caravan from 2023 may look competely different from a Gold caravan from 2021 for example. Caravans are issued randomly by the site to try and custer you together, so they may vary in style, make and model.

8.10    SCI may grade accommodation at each holiday centre differently to that of the site. Our grading is based on the facilities and grade of the accommodation and not age of the unit.

8.11  Please note that a percentage of the accommodation tariff goes towards the running costs for the festival.

8.12  Any accommodation changes or booking amendments must be confirmed in writing or email, before they are altered and updated. Changes cannot be done verbally over the phone.


9.1  SCI has Public Liability cover for all our events for the sum of £5 million.

PETS: 10.1    Dog Friendly units are available at some of the resorts and are charged at £40 per dog for the weekend. Pakefield does not accept dogs. Some football veues also do not allow dogs, please call SCI on 01305 768555 for further details. Please do not just turn up with a Dog at a venue as you may be refused entry and no refund will be given for your whole weekend. This may be contrary to the standard arrangements offered by the holiday centres.

ADDITIONAL GROUP MEMBERS: 11.1   There is a possibility to register more players & add to the overall number of people in your group at a later date. However after the closing dates for deposits we are unable to guarantee there will be any spaces left for any additional persons.


12.1   When signing & returning the appropriate booking forms or completing correspondence online, you are reminded that you have accepted these conditions on behalf of everyone in your group. You are therefore required to undertake the following.

12.2   To return the completed team registration form within 10 working days of any provisional telephone reservations.

12.3   To accompany the accommodation booking forms for the holiday park, with the full accommodation deposits of £40.00 per bed in the group (£80 per bed in Lodge accommodation), as well as a fully completed SCI group accommodation occupancy form for each unit of accommodation booked.

12.4  All accommodation units are to have at least 1 adult in them.

12.5   To comply with current soccer festival registration arrangements with regard to players all teams must be registered with a league or county, and supply a county affiliation number.

12.6  To abide by all the conditions in this document.

EVENT DISCLAIMER: 13.1   SCI will endeavour to ensure all services, amenities & football tournament events are provided with no omissions.

13.2   However the company cannot be responsible if any service amenity is not provided or any football matches are lost by inclement weather etc, or any holiday park entertainment is not provided by the resort.


14.1   Once you have registered your team/club for the 2024 SCI Festivals, you will be sent an Agreement form. You will need to accept responsibility for any damages your team make to any accommodation or facilities for the weekend. We will notify you within 14 days of any damages. Any damages to accommodation or the holiday park will be invoiced to the group leader or club. If any problems are found with your accommodation on arrival they need to be brought to the attention of the holiday centre straight away so they can try and rectify the situation. Failure to do so may result in the guests being held responsible and liable.


15.1   Please be aware that all units are subject to availability & due to changes in units on holiday parks there may be a slight amendment in the accommodation available, you will be notified of any changes which may occur between now & your event start date.

15.2   No accommodation will be allocated until the SCI Occupancy Spread Sheet has been completed and returned. The Spread Sheet must contain the names and ages of all the people attending in your party. This Spread Sheet must be returned to SCI within a week of paying your deposits for the accommodation otherwise penalty charges will apply.


16.1   We do not accept liability for any loss, damage or expense arising from a change or cancellation to your tour which occurs due to unusual or unforeseeable circumstances beyond our control and that of our suppliers. Such events would include, for example, war, threat of war, riots, civil strife, pandemics, industrial disputes, terrorist activity, fire or adverse weather conditions, natural or nuclear disaster, decisions of Football Associations or similar events beyond our control.


17.1   Isle of Wight Ferry. For every 4 persons booked on your booking to the Isle of Wight you will receive ONE Wightlink or Red Funnel return ferry crossing for a car up to 5.5 metres, which can contain up to 6 people. Extra passengers in the vehicle will be charged at the going rate. This offer does not apply to Foot passengers, Vans or Camper Vans, coaches or mini-buses. Sailing times are allocated to the closest time available at the time of booking, times requested cannot be guaranteed. SCI cannot be held responsible for any cancellations or changes to crossing times amended by Wightlink or Red Funnel. In such an event the Group Organiser will be notified immediately, along with any amendments. Please return all Isle of Wight ferry requirements by 1st December 2023 so we can get these booked ASAP for you and try and meet all your requirements as best we can.

Once ferry times have been confirmed & the group organiser notified of the reference numbers, any subsequent changes requested by the Group Leader or Individual person will incur an administration charge of £28 as laid down by the ferry company. All ferries must be booked by 28th February 2024. SCI cannot guarantee crossings booked after this date.


18.1   All information included n this website is correct at time of going to press. SCI cannot be responsible for any changes made by holiday parks after this date. E&OE.

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